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Whether you want a radio to use in the garden, lighting for your camping trip or a mobile phone charger so you can stay in touch whilst hill-walking, Freeplay Energy's lightweight, robust and highly efficient products mean an end to trailing cables, heavy and expensive batteries and searching out a mains power supply.



The Tuf solar & wind-up multiband radio is an essential part of any emergency preparedness kit. Information, communication and light are life savers in situations where normal utilities are down. Tuf radio provides regular and specific weather information (North-American version).

The Freeplay Lifeline is the world’s most popular humanitarian radio. It has brought untold benefits and hope to millions of listeners in the developing world. Lifeline ensures that radio content can be effectively heard by people anytime, anywhere.

The latest radio in the humanitarian sector, Encore offers the best features in the industry. The Primary radio is the popular choice for those who want the character of the Lifeline in a more compact package.

The Encore Buddy is a very nice everyday compact radio for listening to at home, in the garden, on a camping trip or where ever you may be. The sound is clear and crisp and the digital tuner ensures you can always pick up the channels you need. The backlit display is simple to use and the multiple power options mean that you never have to buy batteries.
Only available in US and Canada

Designed specifically for humanitarian purposes, this FM/AM/SW radio with built-in flashlight, siren and emergency mobile phone charging capability ensures that no distance is too great and no environment is too tough to overcome.

The Encore Digital features an attractive digital LCD screen, enabling accurate tuning for even hard to find stations. Frequencies are displayed in a large, clear, easy-to-read format.

The Encore Player is a solar and dynamo powered multi-band radio, mobile phone charger, MP3 player and recorder designed for use in off-grid communities by small and larger groups of people.

Small in size but big on performance, Companion is ideal for rapid deployment in the event of a disaster and is an essential component in any emergency preparedness kit. This compact little multiband radio, flashlight and mobile phone charger really is a friend in need.



The Freeplay Energy Centre is a solar powered lighting system and mobile phone charger. Supplied with one 4-watt crystalline solar panel, a power pack with lithium battery and controller, two bright LED bulbs each with a clear lens and connecting cables.

Freeplay Energy Hubs are all-in-one solar systems that power lights, charges phones and much more

The Freeplay Radiance solar powered lantern provides bright light and mobile phone charging for people living off-grid.

This compact, variable brightness lantern with its nine ultra-bright LED's eliminates the need for batteries. It also charges emergency mobile phones when needed. (Tips are not included with the product)

This is the toughest self-powered torch in the world. This dependable self-powered LED torch gives up to 18 hours of continuous shine time. Guarantees light in off-grid conditions.

Rugged, reliable, comfortable to carry torch. Built-in crank gives 60 minutes of light from only 60 seconds of winding. Made from super tough ABS, making it ideal for tough emergency situations.


Accessory solar panel to be used with Indigo Plus and for extra increased power on Encore radios. Not available in North America