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Brake the Cycle is a new social enterprise inspiring sustainable living through carbon free adventuring. It is a charity challenge that recognises the potential of the bicycle as a vehicle for inspiring sustainable living. It committs to challenging the existing patterns of energy consumption.

Brake the Cycle understands the potential of the bicycle as a vehicle for social change. The cycling tours offer young people an 'immersion experience,' challenging perspectives whilst demonstrating viable alternatives to environmentally damaging lifestyles. Through a programme of 3 - 12 week cycle tours, plus long weekends and volunteering opportunities, Brake the Cycle is directly experienced by 50+ challengers each year.

The challengers experience the landscapes, people and cultures through which they travel, helping them to reconnect with their local environment.

Freeplay have made a donation of products to Brake the Cycle and have been of great help to the cyclers in off-grid environments.

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