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Conferences, exhibitions and expos not only serve industry, but have become an industry in themselves. Some focus on issues that are of interest to a very narrow range of specialists, whilst other cover such a breadth of topics that it can be difficult for delegates to find a common focus. The best, however, unite expertise, experience and knowledge, energise debate and move issues forwards in a way that would be hard to achieve in any other forum.


So it is with high hopes that the Freeplay Energy team is this week decamping to Brussels for the AIDEX 2012 expo, which brings together international aid agencies, NGOs and suppliers with the aim of learning from each other, discovering how new products and initiatives can support those who need them most and accelerating change across the developing world.

As well as launching our new Freeplay Energy Centre and Indigo Plus Lantern, and showcasing our recent Encore radio range, we want to discuss how innovative energy-generation, lighting and communications technology can make Power to the People more than just an empty slogan. We've seen how, by accessing information about education and agriculture, using safe and reliable lighting in the home and sharing experiences via radio and mobile phones, 'off-grid' communities can take greater control of their own destinies. And AIDEX will, we hope, allow us to build partnerships that get that technology into the hands of those who can make the most of it.

If you want to take this conversation further, drop us a line at info@freeplayenergy.com, or visit us at AIDEX stand D50. Let's see how we can work together to get energy where it's needed.

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