Power for Good

While we prepare for year-end, and holiday for some, it’s time not only to reflect on the last 12 months, but also to look forward to a New Year with new challenges and new opportunities.

The last 12 months have been busy and rewarding for Freeplay Energy. Not only have we launched our Encore range of multi-band radios, including the Encore Player with its MP3 record and playback facility, but we have also unveiled the Freeplay Energy Centre, a solar-powered lighting system and mobile phone charger ideal for use in off-grid areas of the developing world. This was joined by the Indigo Plus Lantern, which builds on the heritage of the successful Indigo Lantern to include brighter light, greater control and an invaluable mobile phone charger.

However, Freeplay’s vision is based not just on the products themselves, but also on how and where they are used. So, it was with a sense of pride that we saw our radios, lanterns and chargers support the work of UN agencies, government ministries, NGOs, charities and social enterprises around the world, bringing to life our slogan of ‘Energy for Good’.

So, as 2012 draws to an end and we prepare to celebrate in our own diverse ways, everyone at Freeplay Energy would like to offer our very best wishes to all our customers, partners and supporters.

Most importantly, perhaps, we wish peace and prosperity in the coming year for all those to whom our products are delivering access to information, communication, light and power.

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