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Happy New Year from all at Freeplay Energy. We wish you happiness and success in all you do.

For Freeplay, our focus over the next few months will firmly on raising awareness of how our product range, especially those we have recently released - the Encore Player radio/MP3 player, Energy Centre and Indigo Plus lantern, can help change lives in off-grid communities around the world.

Each is designed to provide cheap, safe access to information, communications, light and sustainable energy.

Encore Player combines a multi-band MW/SW/FM radio, MP3 facility with record and playback functions, LED light and mobile phone-charging feature, with both wind-up and solar-powered energy sources. It’s compact and lightweight body and robust construction make Encore Player ideally suited for use in environments where many consumer products might give up the ghost.

The Indigo Plus lantern not only provides brilliant lighting as a result of its solar-powered energy source, but helps reduce reliance on kerosene lamps and the huge risk of fire that they represent. Indigo Plus also has a mobile phone charging facility, so the product has the potential to not only provide domestic lighting, but also to make a major contribution to the development of local economies in off-grid areas.

The Energy Centre also has both domestic and local business applications. Not only does it have a phone charging feature, but it can also charge other domestic appliances and its LED bulbs give out enough light for children to do homework or adults to do paid work. Powered by a 4-watt solar panel, the Energy Centre, once again, offers a safe, clean source of light and power that helps avoid airborne pollutants and fire risk.

Each of these products can make a huge impact, particularly in isolated and rural parts of the world and our mission for the next few months is clear: to get the Encore Player, Indigo Plus and Energy Centre into the hands of those who need them most.

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