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From being denied the vote to exclusion from education, from child marriage to female genital mutilation, women around the world continue to face threats and challenges, purely because of their gender. There are signs, however, that progress towards a fairer and more inclusive world is being made, albeit slow, and this change is often enabled by improvements in communications.

One example is that of the Community Listeners Clubs which have been set up by Dimitra, an agency of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation. By providing Freeplay Energy's radios to the clubs, Dimitra has empowered women in rural and isolated communities, giving them a voice and enabling them to share and learn from each other's experiences.

Other examples of where women's voices can be heard increasingly loudly, often with the help of Freeplay radios, can be found right across Africa and Asia – including in Forward's invaluable projects in Tanzania - so International Women's Day is by no means a token commemoration.

With the commitment of ordinary people, acting together with businesses, governments and international agencies, the rights of women around the world are increasingly being recognised, but we do need to pick up the pace of change.

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