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Since our inception two decades ago, Freeplay Energy has been committed to the growth of radio as a vital means of communications for remote and isolated communities around the world. We have seen our products help to change lives as a part of aid and development, emergency preparedness, disaster relief and democratic engagement programmes from West Africa to South East Asia and the South Pacific.

So we listened with a sense of great satisfaction when, on 13th March, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon launched World Radio Day, saying, “In conflict situations and times of crisis, radio is a lifeline for vulnerable communities, “adding “Radio sheds light on all issues on the UN agenda, from sustainable development to the protection of children, to peace-keeping, to conflict prevention.”

Our solar-powered and wind-up products have been used in all these situations, including in support of UN Development Goals, and we continue to develop new products all the time, giving UN and international government agencies, NGOs and local charities even greater flexibility in assisting community empowerment and increased standards of living amongst the 1.6 billion people who live without access to reliable power supplies.

Whilst Freeplay Energy’s range of products has expanded over the years to include solar energy centres, mobile phone charging features and lighting systems, we will always be committed to radio. Ban Ki-Moon could not have said it more clearly: “Radio connects people… Let’s celebrate the power of radio.”

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