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TV news reports in the wake of the recent disastrous tornado in Oklahoma have showed how good emergency preparation saved many lives.

Many people in Oklahoma – long known as a tornado 'hot spot' – had survived by taking refuge in a storm shelter: a well-equipped concrete bunker built beneath their homes and stocked with enough essentials to see them through the crisis. One TV news crew was given a tour of one such shelter and one of the key items they were shown by its owner was a radio, which was used to listen to weather updates.

This is exactly the sort of situation that one of Freeplay Energy's most recent products was designed for. The Tuf Radio includes a flashlight and cell phone charger, as well as offering FM, AM and weather band channels. Crucially, it is powered by our patented wind-up technology, meaning that if mains power goes down during a storm, the Tuf Radio can still deliver essential information and help keep its users safe.

With extreme weather events becoming increasingly common around the world, emergency preparedness has never been more important and getting essential equipment such as the Tuf Radio to those who need it most is a major priority for Freeplay Energy. However, if you are at risk of getting caught up in such circumstances, whether you by a Tuf Radio or another one, we urge you to be safe and well-prepared.

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