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London, 18th January 2016

Freeplay Energy has today announced the launch of Radiance, a high performance, durable solar lantern and mobile phone charger for off-grid families.

Designed specifically for use in emerging markets where access to the energy grid is not available to many, Radiance is ideal for providing bright, reliable and healthy light for low-income families.

 Powered by an integrated 2-Watt solar panel, Radiance will shine for up to 9 hours at its' highest setting, whilst emitting light that is 20 times brighter than the kerosene lamps that are in widespread use. At its lowest setting, it offers up to 45 hours of shine. And because Radiance uses solar energy there are no running costs, thus freeing up precious family income and eliminating the health and safety risks associated with kerosene-based lighting.
In addition, Radiance features a convenient mobile phone charging point. This is designed to benefit the 75% of adults living off-grid who own a mobile phone and currently often have to walk long distances to reach an expensive phone charging service.

Furthermore, Radiance offers an 85db integrated SOS alarm to support personal security in isolated or challenging environments.

Radiance is attractive, tough and durable, is able to withstand rugged weather conditions and dusty environments, and has passed a series of high-impact 'drop tests', ensuring reliable performance wherever it is used.

John McGrath, Managing Director of Freeplay Energy, announced the launch of Radiance, saying:

"Freeplay Energy is delighted to introduce the new Radiance lantern to its portfolio of green energy products designed for use in remote, off-grid environments.

"Dependable lighting is vital for the 1.2 billion people who currently live off-grid, of whom 600 million – almost twice the population of the United States - are in Africa. Many turn to fuels like kerosene, but these are unhealthy, carry safety risks and eat up a high percentage of family income. Solar lights can provide a great alternative and are now marketed extensively, but some of these provide depressingly little light and are of dubious quality.

"However, Freeplay Energy's Radiance has been designed especially to address this situation. Its bright, clear light is of a significantly higher quality than that offered by many other products on the market. Its efficient solar panel ensures an end to the continuing expense of fuel or replacement batteries. It provides a free mobile phone charging point, and its integrated siren helps to protect personal security. Most importantly it is built to last.

"Radiance is an outstanding product and a thoughtful, practical and high quality response to meeting the needs of people living off-grid."


For further information, please contact Matt Grainger or Nicky Brown at Black Sheep PR on +44 (0)20 3436 0080, or email matt@blacksheeppr.com.

About Freeplay Energy

Freeplay Energy is a leading manufacturer of windup and solar powered products designed to meet the needs of the 1.2 billion people around the world who are currently living off-grid. Its patented technology harnesses human, solar and rechargeable energy and converts it into electricity to power unique portable consumer products, replacing conventional disposable batteries that are environmentally toxic and expensive to replace.

Freeplay Energy's products have been distributed throughout the developed and developing worlds by a range of businesses, charities, NGOs and government and UN agencies.


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