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The Encore Player is a solar and dynamo powered multi-band radio, mobile phone charger, MP3 player and recorder designed for use in off-grid communities by small and larger groups of people.

Multiband Radio
LCD digital display for ease of use

SD Card Player
Store 125 audiobooks on a single 32GB SD card
Pre-set or locally recorded content can be used
Store up to 32GB of pre-loaded content in any subject or language
Record directly from radio
Record voice directly to SD card

Intelligent Mobile Phone Charger
Fully recharge a mobile phone
No cranking needed - automatically recharges

4 Way Charging
Integrated solar panel
External solar panel
Hand crank

Reading/Task Light
Two super bright LEDs

Power Source
Self-charge via crank handle.
Integrated solar panel.
External solar panel.
12 V DC.

Solar Panel
Integrated polycrystalline 150mW.
External 2W as standard.

3m reinforced cord.

Rechargeable 3.6V NiMh 1800mAh

2 x 50,000 hours' life.

Phone Charging
USB compatible 5V 400mA charging.

Standard SD card up to 32GB (over 125 complete audiobooks books can be stored on a single 32GB SD memory card)

Fully Charged Battery

  • Fully charging the Encore Player battery will take approximately 6 to 8 hours using the external solar panel
  • A fully charged battery will operate the Encore Player in radio mode for 30 hours on low volume and 10 hours at high volume. Due to the increased power demand of MP3, play times of recorded material will be lower.
  • To charge the battery via Adaptor/DC will take approximately 10 hours

External 2W Solar Panel

  • 1 hour in the sun provides energy for approximately 6 to 8 hours of radio playtime at medium volume.
  • 1 hour in the sun provides energy for approximately 6 hours of light on bright setting and 12 hours on economy setting.
  • Player should be powered by the external solar panel for optimum solar performance in solar conditions.


  • 1 minute winding provides energy for 30 minutes of radio playtime at low volume and 20 minutes at higher volume.
  • 1 minute winding provides energy for 50 minutes of light at economy setting and 25 minutes on bright setting.

Mobile Phone Charging

  • 1 hour in the sun (external 2W panel) provides energy for approximately 10 minutes of talk time.
  • 1 minute of winding provides energy for approximately 3 minutes of mobile phone talk time, and several hours.
    of standby time (smart phones use more power so these will reduce).
  • It will take approximately 5 hours of sunlight (external panel) to recharge a standard mobile phone.

4-inch, 5W, 8-ohm loudspeaker.

Telescopic antenna. FM and SW: User replaceable 680mm unbreakable flexible steel wire antenna.
AM (MW): Internal extra length ferrite rod antenna. 5m crocodile clip SW antenna

FM: 88-108 MHz
AM (MW): 500-1700 kHz
SW1: 3-10 Mhz
SW2: 10-22 Mhz

Dimensions of Gift Box
Length: 157mm
Depth: 138mm
Height: 293mm
Weight: 1601g

Output FM/AM/SW1/SW2
LCD digital display for ease of use
Bright LEDs (2 x 50,000 hours life)
encore player
Solar Power 2 watt external solar panel
Integrated solar panel
Integrated mobile phone charger
DC power (optional)
encore player
Manual Power Self-charge via crank handle
1 minute winding provides:
30 minutes radio playback at low volume
20 minutes radio playback at higher volume
50 minutes of light at economy setting
25 minutes of light on bright setting
encore player
Storage 32GB SD card
Storage for 125 audiobooks (on SD card)
Preset or locally recorded content usable
Record directly from radio
Voice recording directly to SD card
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