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Freeplay Energy's wind-up and solar-powered products offer access to information and enable communication, as well as providing a safe and reliable alternative to traditional kerosene lamps and candles. And the inclusion of mobile phone chargers within many of our products can not only sustain personal communications, but also provide a basis for starting up micro-businesses and boosting local economic development.

Note: This page is intended for Aid, Development, and Disaster Recovery applications,
to discuss quantities and pricing for a product, please enquire on the product page or contact us


The Tuf solar & wind-up multiband radio is an essential part of any emergency preparedness kit. Information, communication and light are life savers in situations where normal utilities are down. Tuf radio provides regular and specific weather information (North-American version).

The Encore Buddy is a very nice everyday compact radio for li stening to at home, in the garden, on a camping trip or where ever you may be. The sound is clear and crisp a nd the digital tuner en sures you can always pick up the channels you need. The backlit display is simple to use and the multiple power options mean that you never have to buy batteries.

This sub-compact multi-band radio with emergency phone charging, siren and light combo covers the essential preparedness items in one neat product. Assist has a superior speaker delivering better quality sound output than any other product in its class.

The latest radio in the humanitarian sector, Encore offers the best features in the industry. The Primary radio is the popular choice for those who want the character of the Lifeline in a more compact package.

The Encore player is an MP3-enabled multi-band radio with dual LED lighting designed and engineered for the humanitarian sector. This innovative tool combines radio, media player and mobile charger in one simple to use package.

A compact FM/AM radio, torch and emergency mobile phone charger. Ideal for rapid deployment in emergencies. Wind up, solar and USB recharge options.


The Freeplay Solar Guide Headlamp has an articulated brightly focussed 3W LED light source with a penetrating beam, able to illuminate objects over a distance of 200m. This is powered by a 2600mAh Li-ion battery in a compartment on the rear of the headband.

Freeplay Energy Hubs are all-in-one solar systems that power lights, charges phones and much more

The Freeplay Radiance solar powered lantern provides bright light and mobile phone charging for people living off-grid.

The Freeplay Energy Centre is a solar powered lighting system and mobile phone charger. Supplied with one 4-watt crystalline solar panel, a power pack with lithium battery and controller, two bright LED bulbs each with a clear lens and connecting cables.

With its ability to charge emergency mobile phones and its nine ultra-bright LED lights, this compact, versatile, variable brightness lantern eliminates the need for expensive batteries and dangerous kerosene.



Accessory solar panel to be used with Indigo Plus and for extra increased power on Encore radios.

The FreeCharge Solar charger has a foldable 3W polycrystalline solar panel array, encased in a tough fabric envelope. The solar array recharges the 2600mAh Li-ion power-bank housed in the pouch on the rear of the envelope, via a USB cable. The power-bank Li-ion battery may also be recharged from a standard USB power source if available. The battery pack also has an integrated LED flashlight.