Any repair information is intended for professional repair shops only.

Users of Freeplay equipment should not attempt any repair which involves any disassembly. Some of our older products were driven by powerful springs which, if allowed to unwind in an uncontrolled manner, would be dangerous and could cause injury. Never remove covers from such devices.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer supported. We do not carry out any repairs

Warning: The spring is powerful and dangerous. Do not remove any covers unless you are an experienced engineer.



I have one of the older hand-cranked radios with Baygen written on the front which radio is this?

If it is black then it is the FPR1, the very first radio.

The rubber belt has unwound and has come off its pulleys.


Replace the radio.


The winder does not unwind, it remains in place.


Replace the radio.


The winder unwinds very quickly.

Replace the radio.

The cranking mechanism no longer works: it turns and turns, but with no effect.

It appears that the spring is broken. Unfortunately, this cannot be repaired.

What is the specification for the battery?

There isn't a rechargeable battery in the radio, only spring - no recharge..

Where can I purchase a replacement rubber band?

The FPR1 is no longer supported.

My FPR1 no longer works, I wind it but there is no resistance and it does not "charge".

It's a mechanical/spring/winder problem. If there is "no resistance" then it sounds like spring has broken. Unfortunately, this is not repairable.

The radio makes a loud grinding noise when unwound.

This is a major mechanical failure. The radio should be replaced.

Where can I purchase a replacement aerial?

The FPR1 is no longer supported. Take the radio and the remains of the aerial to a radio components supplier (RS components is one) and to match by diameter and length of antenna.