Any repair information is intended for professional repair shops only.

Users of Freeplay equipment should not attempt any repair which involves any disassembly. Some of our older products were driven by powerful springs which, if allowed to unwind in an uncontrolled manner, would be dangerous and could cause injury. Never remove covers from such devices.

Please note in all instances where the product is faulty and is under warranty, please return it to the retailer where purchased. We do not carry out any repairs.




Will I damage the product if I crank the handle in the opposite direction?

No, the winder handle can be cranked in both directions.

What is the indicator light for?

The indicator light is an optimum charge level indicator. This means that it will only illuminate when you are winding the handle at the best speed to generate the ideal amount of energy.

Can I make a call while charging my phone with the FreeCharge?

Yes, though with some cellular phones, including those that have batteries with a very low charge, it may take a minute or two of charge time to build enough power in the battery to sustain a call.

Can I crank the FreeCharge while making a call?

Yes. Note however that when cranking the FreeCharge while connected to your mobile phone, it may possibly affect your phone reception.

Where can I find the instruction manual?

Download Freecharge 12v manual

How much winding is required to charge a sample device for a particular playback time?

The amount of current it delivers depends on your cranking speed. Typical performance for a mobile phone is that if you crank at 120 rpm then one minute of winding will give you 2-4 minutes of talk time (or much more standby time), while three minutes of winding will give you 9-11 minutes of talk time. The FreeCharge 12V will nominally deliver 12V and around 400mA when cranked at 120rpm (4.8W). As speed increases, so does power output - although typically humans are not comfortable sustaining much more than about 5 Watts for more than a minute or two with their hands.

This said, by design the FreeCharge 12V interfaces with the recipient product through the appropriate car charger. Typically these car chargers will only deliver the power that the product is rated to receive - so if the product only wants a 2 Watt charge you will only be able to deliver 2 Watts and the loading on the FreeCharge (and the user) will be lower - resulting in an easier crank.

The best way to check how the FreeCharge will perform in terms of playtime for any device is to plug the device into a car cigarette socket for as long as you intend to crank it. You can be reasonably sure that the resulting playtime from this charge will match the playtime from a human crank of the same duration. Each device is different and their chargers are different too (some are trickle charge, some fast charge). This will typically be your limitation rather than your cranking ability.

Can the Freecharge be used to charge devices over USB leads?

If you use a USB car charger then you are able to do so. You are then not restricted to just 12v or USB exclusively.

Does the Freecharge support Blackberry?

Yes it does as long as you have the car charger for it.

Does the Freecharge come with a car charger/ cigarette lighter adapter?

Unfortunately, it does not.

My Freecharge 12v is very difficult and hard to use. Is this normal?

The normal speed for 12v is approx. 120rpm. If it is taking a long time then it is probable that the adapter electronics are only allowing a low current to the device. The power INTO the device via the cigarette lighter adaptor is dependant totally on the final device characteristics (Cellphone/ Camera) and the cigarette lighter adaptor characteristics since these determine actual current draw.

How many turning cycles does it take to sustain 12v output?

Approx. 120RPM.

How many amps is the output at 12v?

Approx. 160mA. 

Can the Freecharge 12v go up to 14v or 1400mA?

No this is not possible. The Freecharge 12V limits are a voltage between 11.8 and 12.8V. 1400mA is not obtainable.

Can the Freecharge 12v power a laptop?

Unfortunately, it would not work as too much power would be required.

How many watts does the Freecharge 12v deliver?

The Freecharge 12V is designed to deliver about 12W.

How many mAmperes can your Freecharge 12V" produce?

It produces approx. 600mA at 12V.

Can the Freecharge 12V be used to power a smartphone (5V - 1400 mAh)?

Yes it will work (Even though the FC cannot give 1400mA). We assume that the 5V 1400mA is the rating of the Car Adaptor that you have and it's a switch mode type. Weassume that you are using a switch mode car adaptor to go from 12v to 5V for your smartphone. If so (most likely) the 12v from FC is then converted with his adaptor to 5V. Since the voltage goes down the current goes up. So 1400mA will mean that he needs about 800mA from FC. So it should work (if the assumptions are correct).