Any repair information is intended for professional repair shops only.

Users of Freeplay equipment should not attempt any repair which involves any disassembly. Some of our older products were driven by powerful springs which, if allowed to unwind in an uncontrolled manner, would be dangerous and could cause injury. Never remove covers from such devices.

Please note in all instances where the product is faulty and is under warranty, please return it to the retailer where purchased. We do not carry out any repairs.




My Indigo did not come supplied with a charger. What type of charger can I use to charge it?

The mini-USB type adapters are not sold with the products as many people may have these already for use with their mobile phones and digital cameras. Any mini-USB charger will do as long as the output conforms to the USB spec ie. 5V. The capacity (mA) is not critical. You can also charge the product via your computer's USB port using an inexpensive cable (USB-A to mini-B, 5-pin not 4-pin).

How long should my Indigo shine for?

Fully charged, the Indigo provides up to 2 ½ hours of continuous ultra bright light, and 70 hours of night light, using the LED cluster. Similarly, the integrated directional light will shine for up to 35 hours continuously when fully charged. A 60-second wind at 120 rpm will provide about 2 hours of shine time (on the lowest setting).

Do I need to do anything before I use it?

For best results, the battery requires a conditioning charge before first use, or after long periods without use. This can be done by administering several vigorous 30-second wind cycles. Alternatively this can be done by fully charging the battery using the wall adapter (if you have one). The product can, however, be used immediately in the wind-up mode if required.

How do I change the light bulb?

The light is an LED (light-emitting diode) with up to 100 000 hours of useful life and never requires replacement.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

Using an AC adapter, it will take about 15 hours to fully charge the battery. 

How long will a fully charged battery retain its charge?

The battery will retain about 75% of its capacity after 1 month, 55% after 2 months, 40% after 3 months and 15% after 6 months.

Can I over-wind the unit - does it ever stop you from winding?

No, you cannot over-wind the internal mechanism. It consists of simple gearing which drives the alternator, providing power to the internal battery.

Will I damage the product if I crank the handle in the opposite direction?

No, the winder handle can be cranked in both directions.

Is the product waterproof?

No, it is not waterproof. 

Where can I find the instruction manual?

Can I leave it plugged in all the time?

Yes; the charging current is designed to be low enough to be non-damaging if left on charge continuously. (Unplugging may extend the life of the battery, but note that repeated deep discharges will shorten it.)

The battery doesn't hold a charge anymore; do I need to replace it?

Rechargeable batteries deteriorate over time, especially if drained nearly completely (to extend the life of your battery, limit how often that happens). However, in many cases they can be "conditioned" back to life. This can be done by administering several vigorous 30-second wind cycles followed by a full charge with the adapter. Alternatively this can be done by letting the product run from the battery until it stops, and then, with the product turned off, fully charging it using the wall adapter.

My Indigo came supplied with an adapter, however, I need a replacement.

You will require a 6v 100mA adapter with 1.3mm centre pin positive with a regulated output. It is intended to add this item to our online shop in the near future.

How many lumen outputs does it create?

45 lumens per watt. 

The thumbwheel just turns round without changing the brightness (and without turning it off).

The thumbwheel must have come loose from the VR pot that it's screwed to. Open it up, tighten the screw and add a dab of superglue to the screw.

When recharging using the wind up handle, the lamp is not staying on for more than a few minutes. Even when there is still power in the unit (because the single light at the front is working) the main lamp flickers on and off after a few minutes.

Firstly the advertised play times are met when the unit is wound such that the effort indication glows green. The "low battery cutout" works by switching off the main lamp when the battery is flat. This works only on the main lamp. Not on the single lamp. So the single light can work while the main does not.

Check shine times below: (Task light is the simple lamp)

1min wind = 5min bright

1min wind = 2.5hours night

1min wind = 1hour task

Check that winding is done at the correct speed/ effort IE effort indication on and then see if the shine time reflects the data above. It is always good to wind the unit vigorously for 1 minute or 2 before first use since the batteries may have been standing in the shop/warehouse for a while before sale. This applies to ALL our products.

How long does it take to charge the unit using the USB adapter? Is there any indication of when it is fully charged and what is the current flow in to the batteries per hour so that one could know how long it would take to charge it?

It takes approx. 15 hours to fully charge with the USB adaptor. There is no indication of when the Indigo is fully charged. The green LED will shine both when it is charging from the adaptor and from winding it up and it will remain constant not dim. The current is not constant; it starts higher and tails off toward the end to a charge that's safe to be on perpetually. If you charging from the USB out of a computer, you need to ensure that it's not an older USB port that's capped at 100mA – if it is then it will take longer than 15 hours to charge.

Can a car charger be used to charge the Indigo?

Yes it can for both the old type Indigo which came supplied with an adapter and the new mini-USB type just as long as the plug is the same and the output is rated the same as the wall block (6v 100mAh for round barrel adaptor and 5v 500mAh for the mini-USB one). We do not sell these though.

What is the Watt output of the Indigo?

Maximum output is 3/4 Watt.

Will the unit still charge when switched on?

Yes it does charge when switched on. All our products will charge irrespective of being switched on or off.

How fast should I be winding?

At approx. 120 rpm, that's about 2 winds a second.

What is the LUX output for the lantern?

Typical LUX figures are 1438 (high) and 119(night light) and 204 (task light)

How long does it take to fully charge the Indigo via hand-crank?

It would take approx. 1.5hrs (dependent on winding speed).

What is the battery pack specification?

Ni-MH AA 3.6v 1100mAh. It will need to be soldered onto the PCB.