Any repair information is intended for professional repair shops only.

Users of Freeplay equipment should not attempt any repair which involves any disassembly. Some of our older products were driven by powerful springs which, if allowed to unwind in an uncontrolled manner, would be dangerous and could cause injury. Never remove covers from such devices.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer supported. We do not carry out any repairs



The battery doesn't hold a charge anymore; do I need to replace it?

Because the clock and preset memory use some power even when the radio is off, the Summit's internal battery may eventually reach an advanced state of discharge, in which it is no longer able to receive an efficient charge from the AC adapter or the solar panel. This is characterized by no digital display, difficulty charging the unit, or reduced playtime. If this happens, "reconditioning" the battery will usually solve the problem. Wind the crank vigorously for 30-60 seconds, and repeat several times, the more the better. This should bring the battery back to a condition where it will accept charging as usual from the AC adapter or solar panel.

How long should my Summit play for?

With a fully charged battery the Summit will play for approximately 20 hours at normal volume. A 30-second wind will provide about 30 minutes of playtime (also at normal volume), if the winder handle is cranked at the optimum speed. This will be achieved as soon as the green charge level indicator next to the winder handle illuminates. Playtime will vary depending on the volume setting.

How long will a fully charged battery retain its charge?

The battery will retain about 75% of its capacity after 1 month, 55% after 2 months, 40% after 3 months and 15% after 6 months.

Can I over-wind the unit - does it ever stop you from winding?

No, you cannot over-wind the internal mechanism. It consists of simple gearing which drives the alternator, providing power to the internal battery.

Will I damage the product if I crank the handle in the opposite direction?

No, the winder handle can be cranked in both directions.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

Using the wall adapter, it will take about 24 hours to fully charge the battery. Or when the solar panel is in direct sunlight and the radio is turned off, it will take about 40 hours. Or using the crank, it will take about 40 minutes, if you constantly wind at the optimum speed as indicated by the green charge level indicator.

Will the alarm clock still work if I go to sleep with the radio on?

Yes. The alarm clock will sound as usual. When the alarm is switched off, the music will resume.

How can I improve shortwave reception?


When poor reception is encountered, ensure that the antenna is fully extended and in a vertical plane. The portable shortwave antenna will improve the performance and reception of the shortwave band. The antenna wire can be extended up to 7 metres. To operate, attach the slotted clip over the smallest section of the telescopic antenna. For best performance the antenna wire should be positioned as high as possible and fully extended. The wire should then be adjusted for the best signal.


Is there a way I can lock the buttons so that I don't turn on the radio accidentally?

The Summit has a Lock Function which disables the control buttons, ensuring that none are accidentally activated. Simply press the ALARM SET and TIME SET buttons simultaneously to activate this feature. To deactivate, simultaneously press the same buttons once again.

Where can I find the instruction manual?

Download Summit manual

Can I leave it plugged in all the time?

Yes; the charging current is designed to be low enough to be non-damaging if left on charge continuously. (Unplugging may extend the life of the battery, but note that repeated deep discharges will shorten it.)

My radio will no longer charge or play from the adapter. The charging indicator no longer illuminates.

The problem lies with either the DC socket connection or the charger. If you can test the charger on another product or test another charger on the radio, this will determine which one is faulty.

My Summit does not hold a charge from either the wind-up or mains.

The problem could lie with either the battery pack or a circuit fault. The circuit fault could cause the wind-up not to charge the radio. This only occurs on the Summit radio.

Is the radio weatherproof?

Unfortunately it is not recommended for wet use.

My Summit came supplied with an adapter, however, I need a replacement.

You will require a 6v 100mA adapter with 1.3mm centre pin positive with a regulated output.

Where can I purchase a replacement aerial?

The Summit is no longer supported. Take the radio and the remains of the aerial to a radio components supplier (RS components is one) and to match by diameter and length of antenna.

I'd like to replace the batteries in my Summit. Where are the screws situated to open up the casing?

The screws are found underneath the black plastic pieces. If you gently remove these, you will find the screws.

My Summit won't stop searching.

It sounds like the micro is misbehaving. It might reset itself if by disconnecting the battery or when the battery goes dead. Otherwise this is not reparable.

Can the solar panel charge the radio in sunlight but through glass?

Yes it can however, there is a slight loss.

The winder mechanism has become worn. Do you have any spare cogs/ gears?

Unfortunately, this product is no longer supported.

My radio suffers from poor radio reception with lots of interference. This generally happens when people wander around near the radio.

The battery pack may be running low - sometimes reception suffers when battery voltage is insufficient. Try a good crank (30-60 second wind and repeat several times) and / or full wall charge.

The radio switches off every time the volume is increased to an audible level.

The internal battery may be very flat. Try and recondition it by winding the crank for 10 mins. (1 min. at a time) and see if there is any difference.

My Summit doesn't play with the mains plugged in although the charging indicator light is illuminated. It works fine on wind-up.

More likely to be a fault on the PCB than a DC socket issue since the LED shows that there is input from the adaptor.

Every time I switch my Summit on it goes back to a really low volume setting. Is this normal?

Yes it is. 

Every time I have to recharge my Summit, I have to reset the radio stations. Is this normal?

Yes it is if the battery gets very flat. This can be rectified by reconditioning the battery followed by a wall charge.

The time display is flashing and I cannot set it or play the radio. None of the buttons are working.

The radio is probably in its lock mode. This can be rectified by pressing 'alarm set' and 'time set' simultaneously.

Every time I unplug my charger from the radio, the low battery indicator flashes. The radio does play when the charger is plugged in though and it works when I use the wind-up as the low battery indicator stops flashing. What is wrong with it?

It sounds like the batteries need replacing.

The on/off button no longer works and the radio is permanently turned on until the battery is exhausted.

If it's the case that none of the buttons work then the radio is probably in its lock mode. It would also say 'LOCK' on the top part of the LCD display. To rectify this, you would need to press 'ALARM SET' and 'TIME SET' simultaneously. However, if it is the case that it is only the on/ off (power) button not working, then there is probably a faulty button contact and it is not user repairable. However, a radio repair shop may be able to do this for you.

On FM, my radio always seems to automatically tune into one particular station although I've chosen another. I've tried changing the presets and even manually tuning into stations but it keeps drifting off to this one station.

If it always goes to one station only, then it appears faulty. However, it still seems like some other rogue transmitter in the area is "blasting through". The other transmitter does not even necessarily have to be in the FM band.

Please note that if you've tuned to a weak station, when a very strong adjacent station exists then it can drift to the strong station. The strong one "pulls the radio" tuning across. It's normally solved by being very careful about tuning.

Is there a way to use the radio as an alarm clock-radio i.e. the radio turns on when the alarm time has come?

Unfortunately, the Summit radio's alarm clock cannot be set to turn the radio on when the alarm goes off. It only makes a beeping noise when it goes off.

The radio cuts out when it is connected to the AC adapter.

The unit should never cut out when running on the AC adapter. This seems to indicate that either the AC adaptor is faulty or the DC socket is faulty. If the DC socket is NOT loose then there is nothing wrong. The Summit socket feels loose because it's recessed so deeply. With regards to the radio cutting out, it can also be due to very low battery as the radio's battery pack runs through the DC socket even when playing off battery power alone.

My Summit doesn't play from the charger (the green charging light doesn't illuminate). It doesn't play from winding it either although the green charging light is illuminated. The light button works though.

The DC socket is faulty. If it was the case that the green charging light didn't come one when winding too then it would have been an LED circuit fault.

The green charging light appears to be very dim when I plug in the AC adapter.

The batteries are very flat. Apply a reconditioning charge by administering several vigorous 30-second wind cycles followed by a full charge with the adapter.

My radio will not play although fully charged. It is still plugged into the AC adapter, however the adapter is not switched on at the wall outlet.

If the charging AC adapter is plugged in but not switched on at the wall then the radio will not switch on, but screen light will probably work. As a general rule of thumb with ALL our products is that it must work from the AC adapter irrespective of the battery state of charge (unless the battery has short circuited). If the adapter is switched off then it MUST be unplugged from the radio as well.

Is there any way to identify if the radio is working on solar power rather than on previously adapter charged batteries? Other than the charging light is there a signal to say it is charging or how much charge is left?

The only way to confirm this is to run the batteries flat so that the radio switches off. Then put the radio's solar panel an inch or two from a strong naked light (100W min)for a few minutes and see if the radio then switches on ( a 400W spotlight would be better). The solar panels need direct strong sunlight and the sun's rays should fall perpendicular onto the panel.

Also, there is no indication of when the radio is fully charged. The green charging LED merely indicates that the radio is charging but this only illuminates when charging via the AC adapter or by winding and not by the solar panel.

When I plug the AC adapter into the DC socket, I have to move the adapter around so that the charging light illuminates.

The DC socket is loose. This can be repaired by opening the casing and soldering the DC socket connection firmly back onto the PCB.

When I have the adapter plugged in and switched on at the wall the radio plays but the green charging LED does not illuminate. As soon as I unplug the adapter, the radio stops working. Why does the green charging LED not illuminate? It does when winding.

If the batteries are completely dead (need replacing) then the green LED will not come on when charging from the AC adapter. The Summit is the only product that does this.

The volume button no longer is able to increase the volume when I push it in. Is there anything I can do about this?

There is probably some dirt on the button inside the radio. This is not user reparable.

Where can I purchase a replacement battery pack?

This product is no longer supported, however, we can advise you on how to make one yourself:

1. Obtain 3 nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride AA cells (1.2v & 1300mAHR or greater rating)

2. Glue them together in a triangle fashion IE 2 together at the bottom and one above

3. Connect the neg of cell 1 to the positive of cell 2

4. Connect the neg of cell 2 to the positive of cell 3

5. Connect the existing red wire from the old battery pack to the positive of cell 1

6. Connect the existing black wire from the old battery pack to te negative of cell 3

IE The cells are connected in series.

How do I open up the radio in order to get to the battery pack?

You will need to remove both black plastic strips. This can be done by gently lifting them up with flat end screwdriver.The screws are concealed under these strips. Unscrew the screws to open the casing. Once the casing has been opened, you will see the battery pack. To remove it, all that is required is to unclip it from the board.