Any repair information is intended for professional repair shops only.

Users of Freeplay equipment should not attempt any repair which involves any disassembly. Some of our older products were driven by powerful springs which, if allowed to unwind in an uncontrolled manner, would be dangerous and could cause injury. Never remove covers from such devices.

Please note in all instances where the product is faulty and is under warranty, please return it to the retailer where purchased. We do not carry out any repairs.


When charging my phone the winding handle turns easily all the time and my phone will not charge:

  • Your USB cable is not connected properly on one or both ends. Check for a proper connection.
  • The battery in your phone is already fully charged.

When I wind the handle during phone charging the amount of force required changes from easy to hard and back again:

THIS IS NORMAL (see comments above). KEEP WINDING.  The amount of force required should soon be constant after several seconds of winding.

TUF will not charge my phone:

  • Is the USB cable connected properly?
  • Confirm TUF is powered on and in the phone charging mode by looking for word CELL in the bottom right corner of the LCD display.
  • Keep turning the winding handle at a constant pace until your mobile phone indicates it is being charged.