Any repair information is intended for professional repair shops only.

Users of Freeplay equipment should not attempt any repair which involves any disassembly. Some of our older products were driven by powerful springs which, if allowed to unwind in an uncontrolled manner, would be dangerous and could cause injury. Never remove covers from such devices.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer supported. We do not carry out any repairs

Where can I purchase the switchable voltage cable to power 12v appliances?

Unfortunately, we do not supply this but you should be able to find it at an electrical component retailer.

How long does it take to fully charge the Weza?

It takes approximately 12 hours to fully charge the Weza from the AC/DC adapter. It is not practical to expect a human to fully charge the Weza by pumping it, but if one had to do so it would take approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge.

Can the Weza power appliances such as polishers or angle grinders (power tools)?

It is not compatible with power tools (220v) as it only powers 12v appliances. They require more power than the human can comfortably generate with the Weza.

The display bar is no longer working. The Weza is not totally discharged. I hooked it up to the charger for 8 hours just to make sure. It has some power in it because I have plugged in some 12 volt items.

It could simply be that the micro processor needs to be reset. To do this you need to disconnect the battery by loosening the cap screws on the side panel (underneath the rubber grommet). You will need the supplied allan key. Once loosened, the switch should be slid to break contact for a few seconds, then re-connected and fastened firmly again.

What is the size of the positive/negative terminal posts on the Freeplay Weza generator?

The size is M8.

How many Amps (A) will the machine give as output, provided it is fully charged and at what Voltage (V) normally?

The internal battery is rated at a nominal 12V and 7A HR. The battery maximum COLD CRANKING CURRENT is rated at 200A. Of course at such a high current the time is much shorter IE The battery will deliver 7A for about an hour, 14A for about 25Min etc. 12V is a universal output for many devices that need current. The 120w output is from the internal storage battery. There is always power available by using the foot input. This output can charge the internal battery or an external battery (if the internal battery is disconnected) at a power from 25 to 40 Watts. The amount of power available is dependent on how vigorously the foot pedal is operated.

What is a suitable solar charger for the Weza?

Any 12V rated panel will do if connecting directly across the terminal posts. If connecting through the DC input the panel must be rated the same as the supplied wall block (18V, 1.5A). Powerfilm have some nice products, see or on Maplins site – an L15BR 18 watt unit – putting out around 16.8v and 1.21A.

What is the battery specification for the Weza?

It is a 12V 7Ah non-spill lead-acid gel battery. They are most often used in domestic alarm system back-ups and should be found very easily in most battery retailers or through Tyco/ Chubb. (Note: Lead batteries don't like to be kept in a discharged state). Unfortunately, these are not standard anywhere, you will require 2 simple spade/ eye adapters. The bolts currently holding the cables to the battery terminals will be used to connect the cable to the adapter. The adapter then pushes onto the new battery terminal.

Can I use the Weza as a power source and pump it up at the same time?

Yes, you can use it as a power source and pump it up at the same time.

Does the Weza come supplied with the 12v cigarette lighter adapter?

Yes it does along with a pair of heavy-duty jumper cables and a small service tool kit.

Will the Weza power any of your other products?

Yes it will as long as you get a cigarette lighter adapter which has an output rating equivalent to that of our products' chargers ie. 9v for Devo, 6v for older version of Indigo and 5v for newer mini-USB version of Indigo. Unfortunately, we do not sell these, however, you should be able to source one. The easiest would be to buy one of those variable voltage car chargers that come with different sized tips. These should be available at automotive spares places. You will then be able to charge Freeplay products at 6v as well as others at various other voltages and plug sizes.

Can the Weza power a laptop?

Yes it can although performance from a step charge for such a power hungry item is not great as humans just aren't that powerful rather than the Weza not being able to handle it. The Weza powers products through a 12v cigarette lighter adapter. You cannot plug the laptop DIRECTLY from the cigarette lighter adapter. You must use a cigarette lighter to laptop charger adapter. IE laptops generally need 18-20 volts to charge, so it's NOT a simple lead only.

There are only 2 ways that a laptop can be charged using the cigarette lighter output socket on Weza:

1. Weza output into an inverter then the laptops mains adapter

2. Weza output via a cigarette lighter adaptor cable into the laptops DC charging socket. The cigarette lighter adaptor would HAVE to be one specifically made for that particular laptop

Can a unit with a dead internal battery still operate another device directly (through its alternator) by continuous stepping, i.e.--can it still function with its generation capability but no storage ability?

Yes it can. 

Can the Weza be used with an inverter (DC to AC adapter)?

Yes it can. 

How long will it run with an inverter and what is the amp output?

The amp output will depend on the capability of the inverter and the device that you want to connect to the inverter. As an example, if you wanted to power a 110V (US) or 220V (UK) 60W lightbulb (common household item) then the current from the Weza to the inverter will be about 6A. This means that the Weza will go from full charged to Flat in approx 1 hour. (The battery inside the Weza is a 7AH 12V battery.)

Can the Weza charge an external 12v battery directly through the jump leads provided? I am aware that it can be done through an inverter but this isn't very efficient.

Yes it can charge the battery directly through the jump leads.

Can the Weza charge up Lead Acid Batteries?

Yes it can by using the jump lead cables provided. However, the lead acid battery would need to be 12v.

Can I run these appliances on the WEZA?


Clothes Washer

Clothes Dryer

Home PC

Home Television

Gaming Consoles

How many things can I plug into the WEZA at once using a multi-socket surge protector?

What is the Total in: Watts and Amps A/C?

All the devices/ appliances mentioned are AC devices IE 220V AC. Weza directly has a 12V DC nominal output. The Cigarette socket can provide 12V 10A maximum. The jumper leads can provide a much higher current. Note that the internal battery is a 12V 7AHR unit. The only way to operate an AC mains load is to use a 12v to 220V inverter, but this will only work relatively low power devices.

Is there a specific preferred technique for using the foot pedal to get the most energy out of my effort?

It is physically better to have a steady rate having a longer smooth step time as opposed to quick jabs on the pedal.

Does the Weza have a limit to how long the user can step on the pedal before the battery might overheat from the charging?

The main factor to continuous stepping is not the overheating of the battery but the temperature of the alternator (generator). Under normal use the limiting factor for the length of time that one can step is that the user cannot physically step for more than a few minutes before taking a rest for a similar time. Generally one should not exceed 10minutes with a cool off of at 20min.

I've only been able to get four of the lights to illuminate when stepping on the pedal, no matter how fast I pump. I've been pumping at a constant rate and all of the lights are capable of lighting up because the power meter will register full when the button is pressed on the device.

The lights directly show charging current. It is probable that with the battery getting charged , that its voltage thus increases . This automatically decreases the maximum charging current. This is normal and not a fault.

I have a faulty 12v cigarette lighter adapter. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

There is very little that can fail on this (it's a lead with 2 plugs). Check whether:

1. The green LED on the plug lights up

If not you need to check the fuse in the plug (unscrew metal cap in front of plug).

As the Weza has a higher voltage output; am I causing damage to my cell phone/laptop charging units or their batteries or the devices themselves?

Not if you use cigarette adapters specifically made for the cell phone/laptop device. You cannot directly connect Weza output to phone etc..

If the battery disconnect switch is open, will the WEZA then (via step input) charge directly through the cigarette lighter output ? Rather than roundabout I/E from step input to battery to cigarette lighter output?

This is NOT advisable or recommended since the voltage to the output will be much higher than 12V. There is a very real possibility of causing damage to the external devices that plug into Weza.

Is there a simple way to test the battery?

The battery voltage gauge built into Weza is the only condition indicator. A FULL battery test is more complex since the capacity of the battery is measured. However this is a test that only people who have the knowledge to do, can do.

Can the Weza recharge deep cycle 12v RV or marine batteries? And how much foot pumping would it take to charge one approx?

It will charge any 12V battery, but the issue is that the time to charge any battery depends on the capacity of the battery IE larger battery takes longer to charge. If you want to do this then we suggest that you disconnect the "link" on the Weza side panel. As an estimate take the capacity (in Amp hour) of the battery and divide by 3 - Answer in Hour. Weza was never intended to fully charge an external battery. It was more for jump starting a motor.

How long could one expect to power a small room fan and/or light using a fully charged Weza? For a fan and lamp built to operate on 220V, what other adapters would I need to do so?

It depends on the power of the fan or light. As a rough guide take the wattage of the device and divide by 10. Then divide 7 by the answer above and this gives time in hours EG 60 Watt divided by 10 gives 6. Then 7 divided by 6 gives 1.2 hours

An additional item that will be needed is a unit to convert the 12V from Weza to 220VAC. This is called an AC inverter, and the wattage rating of this must be equal to or greater than the wattage rating of the fan/light.

Where can I find the instruction manual?

Download Weza manual