Any repair information is intended for professional repair shops only.

Users of Freeplay equipment should not attempt any repair which involves any disassembly. Some of our older products were driven by powerful springs which, if allowed to unwind in an uncontrolled manner, would be dangerous and could cause injury. Never remove covers from such devices.

Please note in all instances where the product is faulty and is under warranty, please return it to the retailer where purchased. We do not carry out any repairs.



In sensible climatic conditions for how long does the fully charged device hold its charge before it is used to power up another device?

The charge retention of the battery is very good. It's less than 4% per month loss.

Where can I find the instruction manual?

Download ZipCharge manual

The ZipCharge makes a soft hissing sound and becomes warm whilst charging. Is this normal?

Yes it is.