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Freeplay Radios

Assist Radio

FM/AM/SW radio with built-in flashlight, siren and emergency mobile phone charging capablity.

The Assist radio is a simple to use, highly dependable, self-powered solar radio and flashlight combination. It is designed for a range of applications and has been deployed extensively in both the developed and developing world.


  • Solar/self-powered

  • Designed for use in humanitarian applications

  • Best sound in its class

  • Compact, durable and ideal for rapid deployment

  • Intuitive interface with great tuning resolution

Multiband Radio

  • FM/AM/SW1/SW2

2-way charging

  • Integrated solar panel

  • Hand crank

  • Radio will play for 20-30 minutes per 30-second wind

Flashlight/Reading light

  • Three super bright LEDs

Mobile phone charger

  • Emergency mobile phone charger

Colour options available

  • Choose from Yellow, Black, Blue

  • Custom colours can be chosen for orders above 1000 units

Siren Alert

  • A siren feature allows a user in distress to attract attention to their predicament


  • Telescopic and flexible steel wire antenna included as standard



User Manuals can be downloaded below, or check our Product Support page for further information.

Download PDF • 1.07MB

Download PDF • 2.86MB

Manuel de l'Utilisateur-ASSIST RADIO
Download PDF • 3.07MB

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