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Indigo Plus


A compact and versatile ultra bright lantern.

The Indigo Plus is a compact, versatile, ultra bright lantern which is both rechargeable and self-powered, with no bulbs to burn out or batteries to replace. With nine ultra-bright LED lights and a built-in task light, this compact lantern eliminates the need for kerosene and expensive batteries so allowing users to carry out tasks in safer, well lit surroundings.


  • Charge via solar, hand crank and USB

  • Rechargeable NiMH battery built in

  • 9 ultra-bright white LEDs all positioned for optimum light output efficiency

  • Dimmer switch adjusts brightness from night light to ultra-bright

  • Separate task light for spot beam and flashlight use

  • Ultra tough reinforced ABS

  • Up to 50 hours’ constant shine time on low setting

  • Recharge mobile phones in an emergency



User Manuals can be downloaded below, or check our Product Support page for further information.

Download PDF • 971KB

Download PDF • 753KB

Benutzerhandbuch-INDIGO PLUS
Download PDF • 752KB

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