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Freeplay Lighting


and solar charger


The perfect personal lighting solution for outdoors, home and garage, construction and DIY

Whether in your toolkit, the kitchen drawer, camping kit or the glove box in your car, with the Freeplay Headlamp you've got dependable light anytime, anywhere and two useful hands. The Freeplay Headlamp provides:

  • Bright, variable focus and intensity light

  • Comfortable fit and function

  • Solar and USB recharging

  • Industrial grade ruggedness

The Freeplay LED Headlamp offers a great alternative to ordinary flashlights. It is industrial grade quality, and with both hands available your task ability is doubled. The articulated and adjustable illumination cone means an intense narrow beam for long-distance illumination and a wide-angle beam for closer all-around illumination. Its constant brightness means dependable beam quality that does not fade away as the battery gets flatter, and with its rechargeable battery the more you use it, the fewer batteries you’ll be throwing away.

This 3W LED light source is powered by a 2600mAh Li-ion battery in a compartment on the rear of the headband. The battery is recharged by a foldable 3W polycrystalline solar panel array, encased in a tough fabric envelope. The solar array recharges the Li-ion battery via a USB cable supplied with the Headlamp. The battery may also be recharged from a standard USB power source if available. The Headlamp has three settings: bright, power saver and strobe.



  • 3 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel

  • 3.6V 2600 mAh LI-Ion Battery

  • 3 Watt LED

  • 300 Lumens (Bright); 150 Lumens (Power Saver)

  • 5 hours charge time (100%)

Shine time

  • On bright setting: 2.5 hours (from fully charged battery)

  • On power saver: 4 hours (from fully charged battery)


  • Headlamp, with adjustable beam angle,

    and articulated lamp holder

  • On/off/intensity/flash switch

  • Adjustable head band, with the battery compartment on the rear

  • Rearwards-pointing LED safety light on the battery compartment

  • Solar array in foldable fabric envelope

  • Polycrystalline solar panels

  • Solar-power output connecting cable

  • Battery compartment with replaceable 18650 Li-ion battery, and AAA primary battery cassette


  • Headlamp with 3W focussing LED

  • 300 lumens on bright, 150 lumens on power-saver

  • 3W polycrystalline solar panel array

  • 2600mAh 18650 li-ion battery

  • USB connection cable

  • Three LED settings: bright, power saver, strobe

  • Rearwards facing safety-light LED



User Manuals can be downloaded below, or check our Product Support page for further information.

Download PDF • 992KB

Download PDF • 2.31MB

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