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Photo courtesy of World Vision

Encore Player


A solar and dynamo powered multi-band radio, MP3 player and recorder designed for off-grid communities.

Featuring a 5 watt speaker which delivers clear, crisp sound, this product is ideal for use by both small and larger groups of people. It also features a mobile phone charger which will fully charge a mobile phone. For reading or close work after dark, there is a bright task light.

The Encore Player's high capacity rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery delivers 24 hours of play-time from a full charge and is powered by a solar panel backed up by Freeplay's patented fail-safe winding mechanism to ensure that even in times of extended bad weather, power is always available.

The Encore Player has been designed for use in educational programmes, by listening groups and in all other programmes where training and information are crucial. The superior quality and volume of the audio output is unique for an independently powered radio.



Multiband Radio

  • FM/AM/SW1/SW2

  • LCD digital display for ease of use

SD Card Player

  • Memory: 4GB to 32GB SD card

  • Plays pre-loaded content and locally recorded content from radio

  • Record directly from radio

  • Record voice directly to SD card

USB port (optional)

  • Play pre-recorded content from USB flash drive

Reading/Task light

  • Two super bright LEDs

Bluetooth (optional)

  • Enables mobile phone users to download audible content, store it on their phones and then play it back through the radio's speakers

Intelligent mobile phone charger

  • Fully recharge a mobile phone

  • No cranking needed - automatically recharges

4-way charging

  • Integrated solar panel

  • External solar panel

  • Hand crank

  • DC. 5V micro USB (ie. mobile phone adapter with micro USB plug)

Colour options available

  • Choose from Yellow, Black, Blue and Camouflage

  • Custom colours can be chosen for orders above 1,000 units



User Manuals can be downloaded below, or check our Product Support page for further information.

Download PDF • 2.75MB

Download PDF • 2.74MB

Download PDF • 3.25MB

Manuel de l'Utilisateur-ENCORE PLAYER
Download PDF • 3.27MB

Manuel de l'Utilisateur-USB-ENCORE PLAYER
Download PDF • 2.84MB

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