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Freeplay Radios

Photo courtesy of Dimitra Community Listening Club, FAO

Encore Primary


A rugged multiband radio designed for group listening in off-grid communities.

The Encore Primary is a multi-band radio and table light in one easy to use package. It has been designed for the toughest conditions and delivers complete independence from grid power or disposable batteries, ensuring access to vital information at all times.

Powered by solar energy and Freeplay’s patented fail-safe winding mechanism, the Encore Primary provides outstanding audio quality suitable for families and larger groups, excellent reception and a simple to read dial scale for easy tuning. The superior quality and volume of the audio output is unique for an independently powered radio.



Multiband Radio

  • 4 band radio - FM /AM/ SW1/ SW2 for global reception

Intelligent mobile phone charger

  • Dedicated charging for mobile phones and other small portable devices

  • No cranking needed – automatically recharges

4-way charging

  • Integrated solar panel

  • External Solar panel

  • Hand crank

  • DC

Run time

  • Up to 30 hours play time from a fully charged battery

Reading/Task light

  • Built-in dual brightness reading/task light



User Manuals can be downloaded below, or check our Product Support page for further information.

Download PDF • 865KB

Download PDF • 2.32MB

Manuel de l'Utilisateur-ENCORE PRIMARY
Download PDF • 2.34MB

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