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Freeplay Radios

Taura Radio


A compact, rugged radio specially designed for use in low-resource settings. Perfect for both individual and group listening.

Designed for individual, family and small group use, the Freeplay Taura is a compact, versatile, multi-rechargeable solar radio which has the audio performance of radios twice its size without sacrificing power.

With a front-facing LED reading light it provides a vital lighting function as well, so users never have to be in the dark again. Additionally, it also recharges cell phones.

It plays pre-recorded audio material from a USB flash drive and microSD card, and can record live audio for later playback on the SD card.

Using the headphone socket and the light, users can listen to the radio privately while reading, writing or performing a task at the same time. The extra large solar panel provides a reliable power source, ensuring power availability for lighting and listening anywhere any time.

Because the solar panel is not built into the radio, only the panel needs to be placed in the sun. This enables users to listen to and recharge the radio while they are in a comfortable environment.


  • Enhanced group and family listening with frong and rear sound transmission

  • Front facing light

  • Cell phone charging

  • USB flash drive reading

  • Micro SD card play and record

  • Listen and recharge at the same time

  • Full size speaker

  • Extra large solar panel

  • Spare antenna kit

  • Headphone socket

  • Replaceable battery

Play times (volume dependant)

  • Fully Charged Battery

    – up to 15 hours

  • 5 Hours Solar Charge

    – up to 8 hours

Power source

  • 3W polycrystalline solar panel

  • Micro USB re-charge socket


  • Li-ion 18650 2600mAh removable and replaceable battery

  • Charge and battery level indication


  • Telescopic antenna

  • Removable and replaceable with unbreakable steel antenna

  • SW extension antenna with crocodile clip

Playback and record

  • USB flash drive playback

  • SD card playback and record

  • 3.5 mm headphone socket

Cellphone charging

  • USB 2.0 socket for phone charging (output 500 mA)

Additional features

  • 3 bands: AM/FM/SW

  • Built-in reading light

  • Back-lit digital display

Box dimensions (includes panel)

  • Length: 215mm

  • Height: 120mm

  • Depth: 155mm

  • Weight: 800g



Download PDF • 3.97MB

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