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TUF Radio


The TUF Radio is a dependable, self-powered solar radio, flashlight and mobile phone charger combination.

The Tuf solar and wind-up multiband radio is an essential part of any emergency preparedness kit. Information, communication and light are life savers in situations where normal utilities are down. Tuf radio provides regular and specific weather information (USA version) as well as emergency lighting and cell phone charging, without the need for disposable batteries or access to an electricity source. You are guaranteed never to be without power again.


  • Perfect for off-grid situations

  • Rechargeable by cranking, solar and USB cable

  • Emergency phone charging

  • FM / AM / SW (non USA version)

  • FM / AM NOAA weather band (USA version)

  • Digitally tuned

  • Ultra-bright LED light source with 50,000 hours lifetime



User Manuals can be downloaded below, or check our Product Support page for further information.

Spec Sheet-TUF RADIO
Download PDF • 745KB

User Manual-TUF RADIO
Download PDF • 656KB

Benutzerhandbuch-TUF RADIO
Download PDF • 718KB

If you have further queries about this product please make an enquiry.

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