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Solar Panels

Solar Boost

2W Solar Charger Accessory


An accessory solar charger for Freeplay Energy products.

This super-charger is an ideal backup power supply when the sun is shining, and helps to ensure that users are able to access additional energy to recharge their Freeplay products.

Rugged, portable and lightweight, this 2W solar energy source for Freeplay electronic products ensures that a macro-recharge is never more than a few sunny hours away.

In power outages and in permanent off-grid situations this portable additional solar charging source ensures users have access to some extra power even in the remotest regions.



  • Industrial grade materials used throughout

  • 2 connector configurations, with micro USB and barrel connector for Freeplay lanterns and radios

  • Polycrystalline solar panel

  • Operating voltage 5V

  • Maximum power 2W

  • Dimensions 150x130x20mm



You may find the answer to your question in the product Spec Sheet, which can be downloaded here.

Download PDF • 2.83MB

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