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Solar Panels

Sun Buddy

Mobile Phone Charger


Stand-alone solar charger for small electronic devices.

The Freeplay Sun-Buddy is the ideal backup power supply when the sun is shining – ensuring you have access to regulated power to charge those vital devices when you need to make that emergency call or GPS connection.

Sun-Buddy ensures that your mobile phone, GPS unit, flashlight & lanterns need never run out of power again! This portable, lightweight solar energy source ensures that a recharge is never more than a few sunny hours away.

With built in voltage regulation, it is optimized for use with all personal electronic devices

and connectivity could not be simpler with the standard USB socket – making it easy and convenient.

In power outages and in permanent off-grid situations, Sun-Buddy ensures you have access to power, even in the remotest regions.



  • Industrial grade materials used throughout

  • The output is regulated and factory set to USB voltage

  • Standard USB-A socket

  • Water resistant

  • FOld out support for optimum placement in the sun

  • Polycrystalline solar panel

  • Operating voltage 5V

  • Maximum power 2W

  • Dimensions 150x130x20mm



Spec Sheet-SUN BUDDY
Download PDF • 2.73MB

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